Ol’ Blue Eyes still has it at 101; Drew Carey is pretty nice, too

I like to mix in some trivia questions while I teach fitness class to seniors. Today would have been Frank Sinatra’s 101st birthday. That was one of my trivia questions today. Then, I played “My Way” on Spotify. The song brought one of the ladies in class to tears. There will never be another Frank.

Seattle’s pro soccer team, the Sounders, won a championship this weekend. Trivia question #2: Name the Sounders minority owner who’s also a comedian and host of The Price is Right. The 1:00 PM class watches Price is Right together in the TV room, so they nailed Drew Carey as the answer (“He’s so nice.”) The 2:30 PM class whiffed on this question. Like me, the 2:30 group is sentimental for Bob Barker.

I provide strength and balance training to a group of about eight seniors. This group is no joke. They’re coping with serious medical conditions and traumatic surgeries. One lady does bicep curls with her one good arm. Another does aerobics with a metal rod in her leg. And so on.

There’s no complaining in this group. Just a straightforward reciting of medical conditions – fused neck, multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc. – so that we can appropriately modify the exercises.

Today a student told me that she’s finally able to wash her hair without pain, thanks to the exercise regimen she follows during our class. That made me very happy.

She missed the third trivia question of the day (What performer, born on this day, sang “Do You Know the Way to San Jose”?). But that’s just fine. There’s nothing trivial about the work that she – and this entire group of seniors – puts in during every class. I’m truly inspired by them. And that’s my final answer.

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