Pokemon Go workout: 434 calories burned, 2 Goldeen and a Magikarp bagged

Chasing Pidgey

I caught my first two Pokemon while attending the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials. Pokemon number one, Charmander, was hanging out in our Airbnb. The second, Goldeen, was right outside the men’s room at the Eugene Airport. I have no idea how Goldeen got past security but, once captured she fit comfortably into my carryon luggage.

Pokemon at the US Olympic Track and Field Trials
My first two Pokemon sightings

After I got home from the Track and Field Olympic Trials, I was fired up to get back in shape. I took the Pokeymon Go app out for a workout. I went with my Dad, who’s in his 70’s and is enviably fit.

The Results

According to Strava, Dad and I walked 2.7 miles in 74 minutes. Our pace was 27:13 per mile. I burned 434 calories.

Now, a 27-minute-per-mile  pace will not get me into the Rio Olympics. I’m compelled to point out that we stopped multiple times to — what else? — catch Pokemon.

Dad chasing Pidgey Pokemon
Dad has his Pokemon Go game face on

Also, walking 2.7 miles won’t break any long distance records, but: That’s how far we got until my cell phone died.

We kept walking after that point but there’s no Strava proof and of course, there were no Pokemon bagged after my iPhone quit. We couldn’t use Dad’s smart phone because, well, he doesn’t own one.

The Analysis

I jumped from level 2 to level 4 in Pokemon Go, which is a personal record. I’m still trailing my best friend’s son, who is on level 9.

Goldeen and Magikarp Pokemon were prevalent along our our route. They are aquatic looking creatures. Our walk strolled along Elliot Bay so, maybe there’s a connection.

Magikarp Pokemon
“Why don’t you come with me little Pokemon, on a Magikarp ride?” (~Steppenwolf)

We passed my cell phone back and forth so that we could take turns catching Pokemon. Dad is much more accurate with the Pokeball.

We texted photos of our Pokemon encounters to our respective girlfriends and to my brother. No one was impressed.

The Pokestops

I’ve run along this same section of Elliot Bay dozens of times, but in the past I rarely if ever stopped to absorb and learn. Several Pokestops were quite informative, like this one:

Pokestop on Elliot Bay Trail

The best part of the Pokemon Go workout was spending quality time with my Dad. I know that these times together are finite. And after this experience, Dad’s even thinking about getting a smart phone.